Why Does My Car Shake When I Go Fast?

The worst comes to mind when we are on a road trip and the car starts to shake. Unfortunately there’s no real answer without looking at the vehicle, but here are a few reasons to keep in mind when you take your vehicle into a shop to get inspected.

1) The most common, and possibly the less expensive reason is the Tires. If vibration is felt at certain speeds, the tires may need to be balanced. If the tires are wearing unevenly and causing the car to vibrate, the car may need a tire rotation. In some cases, the driver may need new tires to solve the problem of vibration.

2) Wheel Bearings, Tie Rods, and Ball Joints are all connected to the wheels. If your steering is wiggly while driving, it may mean that one of the wheels is not spinning properly. This may be related to the Wheels.

3) If your car is shaking while attempting to stop, Brakes may be the cause. Generally, brakes need to be replaced every 75,000kms, but the lifespan depends on the quality of parts, and your driving patterns.

There are never ending reasons why you car may shake when going fast, and the best way to solve this, is to bring your vehicle in to get inspected. Call us today at 250-442-3828 to book an appointment for your vehicle so you can stay safe on the road, and have your mind at ease.

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